Best Furniture Designs

Best Furniture Designs

Creative furniture designs go beyond being only original rather they cross boundaries of industrial, furniture and architectural designs by using new methods and materials along the way. Design, we’re told, is just within our reach. But, while we see the aesthetic glory of some of the pieces offered as classics, we miss (at times) their history.


Designing Company: Marni designers have reworked the patterns and color palettes of traditional Colombian chairs woven from PVC threads to create a desirable, one-off range.18i7eq7mt6tjajpg


Designer:  Ettore Sottsass (Innsbruck, Austria)

About: Ettore Sottsass was a late 20th century Italian Designer. He favored the bold colors of Pop Art and dramatic forms of Art Deco and helped define Post-Modernism when he founded the Memphis Group in 1981.



Designing Company:  Studiomama (Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama)

“Re-Imagined Chairs” project was born out of questioning resourcefulness and attitudes towards waste. It builds on the interests in expediency and re-using the existing, and speaks to the ability to see the potential in the unwanted.



Creative Bookworm for Book Lovers

Creative bookshelf with a sitting area in it so that all your reading material will be in your access.



Car Inspired Furniture

This furniture is inspired by a car and gives the impression as if you are sitting in a car.



Teak outdoor furniture
Tables chairs and benches low maintenance long life furniture

awesome-cool-outdoor-furniture-GoZQo fine-looking-cool-outdoor-furniture-y1GfK graceful-cool-outdoor-furniture-Hjazy.

And now for those who loves living with their pets and have pets at home, here are some other ideas to keep a good company with your pet:

cat-furniture-creative-design-1 cat-furniture-creative-design-2 cat-furniture-creative-design-15 cat-furniture-creative-design-16 cat-furniture-creative-design-21 cat-furniture-creative-design-24 cat-furniture-creative-design-29  cat-furniture-creative-design-30 cat-furniture-creative-design-32 cat-furniture-creative-design-34

20 thoughts on “Best Furniture Designs

  1. These are really amazing furnistire because they look unusual and cool,i like the bench that looks like wind blowing through the timberes and reshaped them.

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  2. It’s always pleasant to see new designs. I like the bookshelf a lot!
    I’ve also read something about furniture designs for cats which I really love as a cat lover! Maybe you can have a look and write something about it?! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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